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SEASON 5 // The Resin Collection

Chunky Toy Chain Bracelet in Gold Plated Sterling Silver with a link in Resin. Link size: 24x18mm 

  • Gold Plated Silver // Pistachio

ivi ©. Made in Italy. All jewelry are shipped from Italy. 

Allow 5-7 Business Days for delivery.

Each jewelry piece is hand crafted by our team of local craftsmen at our Italian Production HouseOur goal is not only to create a high quality jewelry but also to deliver a unique and timeless piece to each of our client.



XS - 19cm or 7.5"
S - 21cm or 8.2"
M - 23cm or 9"


Gold Plated Silver. We use 925 Sterling Silver as the base of our jewelry and plate it with 1-2 microns of Gold. We make sure that our plating technique is durable enough to withstand the everyday use of our jewelry pieces.

Resin is a natural organic compound in liquid form consisting of two-component parts. When the resin is combined with the hardener a chemical reaction takes place binding the molecules of the resin forming a solid, durable, shiny, waterproof, hard substance. All Resin pieces are created in house at our factory in Arezzo.